The simple solution to boosting your upsells and revenue

May 25, 2022

Why is additional sales so important?

More sales, less effort - You already have your customer's attention

More sales, lower costs - You sell more without having to generate new leads

Higher chance to increase sales through brand and customer relationship - The customer is in mode and already trusts you

Offer added value to your customers - Show that you are aware of your customers' needs

Customers want to upgrade - If they can have a better experience and have the budget for it, why not?

But what is the reason why so many neglect the additional sales potential and do not focus much on it?

Challenges around additional sales

Additional sales are not always easy, partly because:

One does not really want to look at additional sales as a separate activity, but rather do it as an integral part of the existing sales process. By making additions and upgrades visible together with the rest of the offer, it is easier for the customer to choose.  

But what is the solution?

A modern sales support tool, which automatically includes available add-ons and upgrades in each offer, gives every customer the opportunity to upgrade their experience. Such as Kragerø Resort, which offers upgrades to shellfish plateaus and wine packages at all their dinners. You MUST not upgrade, but it is very tempting when you first travel to Kragerø Resort and you know that the shellfish plateau is absolutely fantastic ...

For the seller, it is considerably easier to keep track of which products the customer has chosen when everything goes into the same system and sends out an automatic confirmation to the customer with the choices made. And for the buyer, you are also completely sure of what you have agreed on.

And is there a change? Yes, then you update the order and send out a new confirmation automatically.

Examples of additional sales opportunities for meetings, company trips and events

All these examples fit fine in existing services as long as they follow naturally from the main part of the offer. Remember that customers often want to upgrade, and by offering this in a nice way makes the overall experience also better.

Reporting and continuous improvement

With a sales platform, you can report on which additional sales products sell and which do not, which products also drive additional sales, which customer groups are most likely to upgrade and whether something is particularly seasonal. You can also test out different variants such as pricing and content to hit the spot.

Good insight also gives focus. Therefore, it may be wise to define additional sales goals for the sales teams and incentive schemes related to additional sales, so that everyone pursues the same goal.

"With Qondor, we increased additional sales by 80%. Additional sales have increased by approximately 80% after moving to Qondor Sales tool"




Full utilization of the additional sales potential requires good and simple technical solutions to be feasible and scalable. For meetings, company trips and events, a good experience is often more important than the price, so many customers want to upgrade without the experience of being sold to. With Qondor Sales Tools, you get a computer tool that really boosts additional sales, and makes you efficient on all sales as well.