4 reasons MICE agencies should hire temporary staff and how to manage their access to data

October 16, 2022

Despite seeing businesses recover since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many companies within the travel and meetings and events industry are still experiencing staff shortages. This means more work for current employees. These companies and agencies require manpower to work on travel, meetings, and events to manage the workload and periods of high activity. Thus, they want to hire temporary staff. However, temporary staff should only have access to the data that they need to work with. The problem is that access can be tricky to control, and there could be a fear that all sensitive data will be available.

Qondor provides a safe and secure solution for business travel and meetings events agencies needing to hire temporary staff and provide them access only to the data they need. Read on for reasons why you should consider temporary staff and the solution that Qondor offers to ensure the protection of confidential data.

Why hire temporary staff

1. Reduced short-term costs. Hiring temporary employees is often cheaper than hiring permanent employees with benefits, making it a more cost-effective option.

2. Reduce overwhelm during high demand. Hiring temporary staff to manage periods where there is high demand, seasonal periods or where permanent staff require additional resources, will relieve overwhelm and enable permanent employees to prioritise and work on the most valuable projects and tasks.

3. Improve customer service. Following the last point, having more staff during high business activity allows your team to manage demand and meet customers’ expectations.

4. More flexibility. Temporary staff allows flexibility for companies which need to operate efficiently when demand changes.

A solution to managing temporary staff’s access

A permanent employee will likely have access to most or all sensitive information such as customer data, while temporary employees are only hired for specific projects. Therefore, it is deemed vital that staff hired for a short period are only provided access to project data that they are working on.

Qondor has an additional access role dedicated to solving situations such as providing access to staff who will work for a temporary period. The access role is called Limited Project manager, which limits the access a seasonal worker has to your database whilst ensuring they can work effectively during their employment. The Limited Project manager does not have access to other sensitive information such as a company’s customers and supplier database, other project managers’ tasks or other projects not relevant for them. By creating a new user with the Limited Project manager access in Qondor you have control over what the temporary employee can do and which information they can view in your Qondor office (your company’s online workspace/database).


Hiring temporary employees has its benefits but, in most cases, they mustn't get access to all confidential data. If you are a business travel or meetings and events agency interested in hiring temporary employees to manage high demand and reduce overwhelm with control over their access, then you will benefit from having the option to create a limited access role. By using Qondor for this, you choose which project information the employee has access to. It is a great relief for our MICE customers knowing they can safely create new user accounts for seasonal staff, and assign the relevant projects, without the worry of revealing customer data or other confidential information that the temporary employee does not require access to.

How to get the Limited Project manager access

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If you are already using Qondor, all you need to do is contact us via: support@qondor.com. More information on enabling access for staff that require the limited project manager access can be found here.


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