Read how Hackholmssund transformed their sales process

November 2021

Hackholmssund is a property known for its high service level and superb food and drinks. Located at Lake Mälaren, only 45 minutes from Stockholm City and Arlanda Airport, the hotel gives each group exclusive access to the facilities. The sales team at Hackholmssund use Sales Templates in Qondor to create offers for their conference guests.

"We enjoy working with Qondor and have had confidence in them since the first meeting!"


Why did you choose Qondor as your sales tool?

The main reason for wanting to use Qondor was to improve the way our offers were presented. We liked the design and colours, and that it seemed really user friendly both for our customers and for us handling the sales. We received full attention from the Customer Success Manager who helped us get started. Throughout the onboarding and initial months of being in production, the Customer Success Manager provided recommendations for solutions which made our everyday work life easier.

What is the main difference you’ve noticed in your sales process after using Qondor?

We moved away from the traditional way of distributing offers in pdf format and name lists in Excel to Qondor’s interactive proposals. Now we have a digital customer journey which starts when the request for proposal comes in, through the offer phase, continuing with the planning and ends with the guests being at our hotel. Qondor has enabled the wow-factor both for us and our customers.

How has your new offer approach been received by your customers?

It has been super smooth. The customers really like the way the offers are presented. They have an elegant presentation; clear overview and an offer can be answered in a few seconds.

What are the benefits of using Qondor for sales?

Qondor allows a full sales process in one platform aiming towards improving the customer experience. It also helps us to enforce our brand as all offers have a consistent layout and reusable content. For the sales team it is advantageous to have all confirmations and customer feedback in one inbox – instead of in each sales manager’s personal inbox. If a colleague is out of office, it is easy for another team member to update the offer and contact the customer.

Another thing is the planning of staff. Just by offering products already in the first offer we see that the willingness to add for example a BBQ-lunch or an upgraded dinner is higher. That helps us in the planning so we can meet and deliver more than the expected.

What is your main reason for using sales templates?

"For us the speed of creating offers is a huge improvement compared to earlier. The possibility to use a project template and adjust the dates and quantity makes the offer process fast – I would say less than 10 minutes", says Annamaria Olofsson COO at Hackholmssund.

We can use either a template or copy from an existing project, adjust the details and send it to the client. The team are able to amend the content in an offer without risking changes to master templates as these are protected and can only be edited by colleagues with approved access. Being able to include general terms and conditions by default so they always appear in an offer saves us a lot of time and are easily accepted by the customer upon confirmation.

How do you see the future and how could Qondor further contribute to your future goals?

We are extending our property to 40 new hotel rooms, and this of course creates some challenges in property management. To be able to integrate Qondor with our PMS-tool would be a great benefit. By offering more accommodation we hope to be able to attract more groups to experience the unique product we have.

What would you say is the key to success with Qondor?

From the moment we went live in Qondor, we implemented it in all our sales processes. This is the key to success, as it got us to value faster especially for pipeline and reporting purposes. The hard cut off with the old process made it clear which way of work to use and we could really see the advantage fast.

Another factor is the positive attitude from our Customer Success Manager and the Qondor team. They are very solution orientated.

“We enjoy working with Qondor and have had confidence in them since the first meeting”, says Jesper Hyséus, CEO at Hackholmssund.

What advice would you give to other businesses in the MICE industry who face the same challenges as you?

Take the opportunity and start with Qondor to improve your sales processes. It [Qondor] is a really good investment. Once accustomed to the sales module, consider adding more modules to complement your sales processes, for example name reporting, program, and invoicing. We really like that we can choose to add more modules at our own pace.

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