Online registration forms

With Qondor Forms, attendees get a professional and secure experience from the first meeting with the website and registration until the event starts. Attendees fill in names and other necessary information required to complete the event seamlessly.

Provide personal experiences

Qondor Forms is very flexible and meets all your needs to give participants a seamless and tailored experience. It is important to know about any allergies when serving food, which sessions each participant should attend, and room distribution during any accommodation.

With Qondor Forms, you can provide your attendees with mobile solutions, including floor plans, schedules/itineraries and other important information.

Financial management and payment

Charge with credit cards, mobile wallets or invoices for your events. Qondor Forms supports deposit and final payment, early-bird and category pricing. Along the way, you have a full overview of the turnover at your event, and that you can follow up attendees where payment is missing at the touch of a button.

Secure and flexible

All personal information is stored and handled in accordance with the GDPR and you can be assured that the privacy of your customers is safeguarded.

QR code check in and access control

Offer your participants a personal QR code that is displayed on the mobile, and which you scan on a mobile on arrival. You get a full overview of who has met, whether they have access to the event or session, and the participant has paid for lunch or will pay on arrival.

Your event in attendees' pockets

Design beautiful programs

  • Make your company stand out with modern looking programs
  • Tailor programs to reflect your customer's brand
  • Works on all digital devices and is print friendly

Easy to communicate

  • Show the proposed setup to customers for decision making and planning
  • Communicate information from organizers to the participants, speakers, tour leaders or spouses
  • Show participants the program so they can choose what to register for

Review your events

  • Collect feedback & evaluation after the event
  • Choose how you want the recipients to give feedback (star ratings and/or comments)
  • Export feedback to Excel for further analysis

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