How Kragero Resort transformed their tailored sales processes by using Qondor

September 2021

Kragero Resort is a well-known hotel, spa and golf resort on the south coast of Norway, which offers exclusive experiences for both companies and individuals. With its fantastic food and great activities, the resort is very popular for meetings, seminars, conferences and events. At Kragerø Resort, there are 8 employees who use Qondor Sales Tool to handle the logistics around the creation and sending of offers, confirmations and implementation.

With Qondor, we increased additional sales by 80%

"Additional sales have increased by approximately 80% after moving to Qondor Sales tool"


Why did you choose Qondor as your sales tool?

We quicky realized that Qondor represented a new, modern buyers’ journey for our customers. We saw that our offers would look amazing online and generate a legally binding contract immediately upon confirmation from the customer, with an updated version at all times. We also saw an opportunity for timesaving. By using sales templates, we could create a ready-to-go offer in minutes. It would simplify and unite our sales processes. The ease of which customers could select their own experience and packages also gave opportunities for added sales, compared to our previous process with Word, PDF and Excel files and numerous back and forth with the customer.

What set Qondor apart from other sales tools?

Qondor was immediately attractive as a modern sales platform, something we had not seen before, and would give us great market advantage. We also liked that Qondor seemed to be continuously developing their platform to market needs. When Covid-19 hit just a couple of months after our Qondor onboarding, we also saw how they tuned their existing product to cater for track and trace of visitors to our hotel and resort. This was far from our core business and removed an enormous burden on us as we were safe in the knowledge that we had a solution we could trust.

What challenges did you have before using Qondor?

We didn’t utilise our potential for additional sales, as it was difficult to showcase our total offerings by using dead Word and PDF documents. Our sales processes were cumbersome, we were poor at enforcing our brand and lacked good workflows and cooperation internally.

What challenges were solved using Qondor?

Qondor is so user friendly and provided us with sales templates instantly. We were live with a new, standardized but flexible sales process within weeks! We have seen a fantastic increase in additional sales in the b2b market. It is so easy to drive sales when the customer has additional options so readily available in their buyer journey.  

Do you still have challenges that Qondor does not solve?

We want even better sales reporting and CRM functions, but that's something Qondor is already working on. Many new features have been added since we became a customer 18 months ago, and we look forward to seeing how these needs are addressed.

What would it look like if you had not started with Qondor?

We clearly wouldn’t have realized our potential in b2b and tailored sales, and would still be using Word documents and fragmented, ineffective processes in our sales efforts.

What concrete results have you had with Qondor?

The Covid-19 situation makes it a little difficult to quantify, but additional sales have increased by as much as 80%!

What is the key to success with Qondor?

We were clear on our pain points and goals and drove the implementation effectively. We had a very enthusiastic team who really looked forward to a new way of working and creating better results. We also had a base for our sales templates, which made it easier for the Qondor team to suggest a specific work process and build sales content for us. By using Qondor for all our tailored sales, we utilize the potential the platform gives us.

How do you see the future and what role does Qondor have in it?

Qondor will be an important system for us to continue our growth. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel regarding the end of the pandemic, and we aim for more sales in the future, where Qondor will continue to play an important part.

What advice can you give others with the same challenges as you?

Other businesses need to adapt to changes, and to move fast forward it’s important with the openness and the challenge to start implementing new systems. The biggest risk is always to be stuck with old systems and ways to work.

What are your thoughts on the success of the hotel industry in the years to come?

Efficiency is the key to success. With modern and updated systems, you will succeed in the future, and players who are not open to changes in both the market and the systems will lose momentum and risk becoming less attractive and profitable.

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