5 benefits of using Qondor Programs for better event experiences

January 3, 2023

When organising meetings or events, planners will put together an itinerary, listing the schedule of activities from the start of the event to the end. Itineraries allow attendees to see the schedule ahead of time, plan accordingly, create excitement in advance, and add to the overall event experience.  

But the standard event itinerary commonly created in Word no longer cuts it, as traditional methods are not enticing or effective enough to keep up with the many changes the event industry comes with. Qondor programs gives your participants an overview of the event activities, so they know what to do and where to go. What’s different? It allows planners to include more information in one place. With its modern use, easily adaptable design, personalization features, fast communication and ability to make instant changes, our customers stand out from other businesses delivering event experiences. Read on to find out more and how it ensures better experiences for event planners and attendees.

Mobile friendly and flexible design

Qondor programs allows meeting and events planners to add brand colours and logos so that it reflects the customer’s brand. Branding is key to making a memorable impression on attendees. The program requires zero coding which allows planners to easily tailor the design and fill in information for a program per event.

The most common way a program is accessed via Qondor is on a mobile phone. This is highly convenient so attendees have all event details to hand. Rest assured, programs are built to look good on all devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop and print), so you can reach customers and attendees on whichever device they use.

Personalise programs with participant information

When using traditional formats such as Word or PDF to create your event schedule, it would be time consuming to manually enter participant information and distribute each pdf version. This would result in multiple versions. Qondor’s digital program allows meetings and events planners to insert merge tags (for example, their name, other personal details or group assignment for a workshop or activity) which automatically pulls in the event information or details submitted by participants via a form. Only one version of the program needs to be created and distributed, and all participants receive the program personalised with their details.
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Easily communicate all information to relevant stakeholders

A program can include all relevant information for participants to attend an event. It’s an effective way to communicate information from organizers to the participants, speakers, tour leaders or participants’ spouses. The planner can easily input times, locations, web links, map links, files, images and more in a compact and on-brand site. Event professionals simply share the program link via SMS or email, the recipient clicks the link and is directed to an accessible and modern looking program. Sending programs by SMS is a fast and appealing channel to use so that attendees have the entire event details in their pocket.

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Make changes to programs and update participant information fast

When changes are afoot, event professionals can easily make changes to the same site in Qondor which is the program itself. There is no need to fuss with Word or PDF documents and send out new versions, which is longwinded and can cause confusion about which is the current version. When the recipient reenters a program created in Qondor, they will see the updated event program.  

Participant information inserted via merge tags can also be updated quickly using bulk update in Qondor. This eliminates the need to directly communicate changes or updates (for instance an attendee’s table seating for dinner) via SMS or email as the program can be updated in a flash.

Get instant feedback during the event

Feedback is crucial to determining attendee engagement and to improve future events. Event planners can activate feedback sections in the program itself! They may choose to activate a ratings or comments section for the whole event, or per activity, for e.g., for a workshop or seminar. Participants can then leave their feedback in the same place they view their event schedule and other vital information. They are more likely to leave feedback whilst the event is ongoing as they refer to the program during the event and experience it then and there. This way meeting and event professionals do not need to prepare or send out separate feedback forms later, which may be forgotten about or require more encouragement to complete.


This is just a short summary of how Qondor programs can elevate the event experience. It is important for the event planner to be able to easily create programs with a modern and on-brand design, personalise and include participant information, send the program through the most suited channel, and make changes fast. Customer satisfaction and attendee engagement is the event professional’s goal and Qondor programs plays a key role in ensuring that for our customers.

“Qondor mobile programs is definitely a differentiator for us and we highly recommend it!”