9 ways to improve efficiency with Qondor Tasks & Notifications

May 25, 2022

"I use Tasks for almost everything. Qondor Tasks replaces both the Outlook calendar and the traditional paper calendar!"

Karin Blixt


Effective task management and receipt of automatic reminders at the right time are essential for efficient project management of a meeting, event, and handling of a sale. Qondor’s sales platform allows you to create interactive proposals, handle attendees and manage associated tasks in one place. With a built-in task manager and automated notifications, sellers stay on track and are more effective. Do you want to be more effective when it comes to your sales work processes? Read on to find out why Qondor’s tasks and notifications features are a gamechanger for our users.

1. Never forget to follow up on sent offers

When sending out an offer, it is crucial to keep track of the sale, but this can be difficult with so many requests and proposal deadlines to monitor. Your customer is probably busy as well, so be sure to help your customers to respond in time and as a result, close more deals. In Qondor you can create an automatic follow-up on every sent proposal:

2. Create follows-ups after a customer’s meeting or event is finished

Qondor takes the stress away of having to remember what needs to be done by informing sellers when to take action and sends a daily email reminder of due tasks.

The salesperson can easily create tasks for when customers report changes for a meeting and event, such as a request for a different hotel, activity suggestions, or updates to the number of delegates.

Post-event the salesperson can be reminded to create a feedback form for customers requiring event feedback from attendees. Other crucial tasks include remembering to invoice the customer.

Sellers working in travel agencies are able to create tasks listing the next steps to secure a repeating customer.

3. Store notes and to do lists safely in one place

We’ve all been there – the moments where you scribble down a request or information on paper and...it gets misplaced. Avoid the risk of losing important information by having it all stored in Qondor.

An advantage in Qondor is that project managers and sellers can act quickly as tasks can be linked to relevant projects and proposals. Things like following up on dietary requirements, sending travel itineraries or setting up a reminder to release a block of hotel rooms.

A common place to note the progress of a sale, communication with the customer and so on keeps the salesperson responsible on track, but also allows colleagues to take over effectively. This brings us to our next point.

4. Take over colleagues’ tasks to ensure all due tasks are done on time

Having one platform the whole team can access makes it easier for another colleague to take over requests in the event of a team member falling sick. This ensures things like booking flights, contacting suppliers, or chasing up on catering requirements are completed on time. This ensures a smooth transition to colleagues and undisrupted service to the customer.

5. One place for teams to collaborate effectively

Having one commonplace for tasks and reminders makes it much easier for teams to collaborate on projects.

Qondor’s ability to assign tasks to one another allows for effective cross-functional working and delegation of tasks. This provides great value for organisations who have multiple teams/departments and specific tasks, such as a department which books flights only.

If there are a lot of meetings and events to handle, sales teams could use additional help from colleagues. Qondor’s task manager allows everyone to see tasks at a glance in a specific project, by the due date, team, viewer’s or another colleague’s. This transparency allows teams to help each other out.

6. Standardize your workflow with predefined tasks

There may well be recurrent tasks that need to be completed per project or to close a sale. In Qondor, standardise project templates including predefined common tasks. When a seller copies from that project template, the tasks will also follow guiding them on what to do. This way Project managers don't need to create the tasks again and it prevents important tasks from being forgotten about. It also provides an easier way to train new staff on how to handle a project.

Examples of such tasks are:

7. Keep teams aligned by knowing which tasks to prioritise

It can be difficult to know which tasks to prioritise at what time without the ability to set due dates and visible priority levels. Qondor provides the ability to set due dates for each task, link it to the relevant project, and categorise tasks by using labels. For instance, specific colours can be defined for certain types of tasks, such as Red = deadlines, Blue = name reporting, green = invoicing, and so on, helping to keep teams aligned in their work processes.

8. A complete overview of an individual and team’s tasks

Sellers get a clear visual overview of which tasks are due on the day, and in the coming week, in the same platform in which they sell, making it much easier to keep track of sales and to do lists.

Each team member can also view each other’s tasks, the status (to do, in progress, complete) and priorities (according to due dates) in a project. Allowing sales teams to identify who has ownership of a task helps to prevent the same task from being completed twice, which is a risk if sellers within a team are not up to date on what their colleagues are working on.

9. Choose whether your tasks should be visible to others or only you

There may be times where some tasks are only relevant for the seller and do not need to be shared with other team members. Qondor provides the opportunity for sellers to label tasks as private, which means they won’t be visible to anyone else but the assignee of the task.

This flexibility avoids any misunderstandings on what needs to be completed, and allows the Project manager to note tasks, tips or information that may only be relevant for them.

Combining project management and sales in one platform

Investing in a tool where you can directly connect your sales, projects and customer interactions is a powerful way for sales teams to thrive. Qondor combines project management and a sales platform to allow sales teams to maximise on both productivity and sales. Qondor’s Task manager and latest Notifications feature is a crucial part of our users’ day.

We believe tasks and notifications are the keys to making sellers more efficient in their day to day work. Qondor’s newest Notifications feature is advantageous in sales, allowing sellers to keep track of the status of a proposal and customer activity.

Following up and reminders in sales processes are critical to closing the sale, and notifications allows sellers to be kept up to date on tasks and deadlines, and take immediate action as required. Taking advantage of this feature will help to keep teams connected, accountable and efficient.